Beyond Riding courses for ALL levels 

Riding Fundamentals

Take our foundation course on riding fundamentals and the basic of creating a great riding horse. This course is suitable for all level riders as it introduces our philosophy on riding and coaching. Look after your horse and the rest will look after itself. 

Preliminary Dressage

Preliminary is the basis for all your horse’s future trust and respect for you. Take your time, because at this level competitions are solely used to give you an idea of where your horse’s basic training needs to improve . Prelim’ is not about big scores and winning , take care of your horse, take care of yourself and success will follow. 

Elementary Dressage

Elementary confirms that the horse demonstrates correct basics, and having achieved the thrust required in Novice, now accepts more weight on the hindquarters (collection); moves with an uphill tendency, especially in the medium paces; and is reliably on the bit, can work with the leg yield and shoulder-in in trot, show you how to do simple changes (canter-walk-canter), collected trot and canter, 10m canter circles and rein back just to name a few.

Novice Dressage

By now your horse has learned the basic tools and skills, and will be a little older and stronger.  This course covers all the movements required at the Novice Dressage level including how to ride volte, canter loops, the 15m canter circle, lengthening trot and canter, and leg yielding. 

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Competition preparation

Whether you are starting out for your very first show or dressage test OR returning after a break, the King Andrews team has a ton of experience to share. We guide you through the steps to regain your confidence and enjoy the experience. Whatever your goals, we are here to support you. 

Horse husbandry

We all want the best for our horses and feed and nutrition is critical to a happy horse life. Learn from Greg Andrews as he shares a lifetime’s experience of feeding and caring for our best friends. Nutrition, supplements and all the right ways to care for your horse, whether it is a youngster starting out or a schoolmaster retiree. 

Wellness for riders

What is your rider mindset? Angst? Lack of confidence? Loss of momentum on your riding journey? We are here to help set you up for success. It’s all about achieving harmony and balance for your mind, body and spirit. We’re sure you will enjoy our holistic view of the horse and rider. 

Coaching services

We don’t all respond to the same coaching style. And we are all at different levels of riding and confidence. If you need a supporting guide to get you going, or back in the saddle, we offer the wisdom and services of coach Greg Andrews. And for riders who are seeking dressage training from beginner to Grand Prix, Rochelle King-Andrews is an accomplished competitor and leading coach for all levels of rider.

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We also offer courses in basic horsemanship, handling, grooming, groundwork, and showing. Go to the Online Community to find out more!