However long it takes is fine with me.

The Training of a young horse doesn’t fly straight like an arrow at the target. It’s rather like a river flowing to the ocean, a little progress every day. It’s important to be able to go with the flow and not have rigid opinions about how and where his training should be. Most particularly don’t base his training on his age and what others his age are doing.

My young horse had a massive growth spurt that unbalanced both his jaw and his back and is now on simple exercises until he grows into the new larger frame.

The saddle has been refitted, he has been shod differently. He even needed the dentist again after only 3 months.

A little bit of progress and a lot of patience is required to successfully train young horses. Don’t get attached to the goals you set rather attach yourself to your horses mental and emotional welfare, look at gymnastic strengthening exercises and the target will take care of itself. It is hardwork to make a top horse and there are many days you aren’t sure how good your horse will ever be.

The days you’ve been pegged off can be one of those.

I am a huge believer in these words: “I am IN, you are mine and I am yours, however long it takes is fine with me.”
This always helps me to stay on the course when training hits a rocky patch.

Steady progress and remember your horse didn’t choose the lofty dream, you did, so give him time to like the idea too.