I’d like you to meet our baby boy!

Diamond B Challenger was my dream horse. A brown licensed Hanoverian stallion. I got three jobs and a loan to buy him when I was 17! The king of my heart died 25 years ago in a tragic and horrific breeding accident.

I’ve patched myself up, however, until I held his son in my arms I’ve never felt a moment of true wholeness.

I’d like you to meet our baby boy! My heart is full.

Our clever vets used Diamond B Challenger’s very very old frozen semen and got four for four pregnancies in 2021!
Mum, Raffaella R is closely related to Jacaranda R and Florencia R, keeping it all in the family!

Thankyou to Veronique Le Hoang Charlotte Le Hoang for the gift of beautiful mum, Raffy, and Mark Wiggett Marnie Treseder from Agnes Banks Equine Clinic for tirelessly working to make this impossible dream come true I am SOOOO ELATED!