Equine Evolution

Australia’s own horse whisperer

Equine Evolution with Greg Andrews

Become a better rider by learning from the ground up with Equine Evolution.

Australia’s own horse whisperer Greg Andrews is a leading trainer who teaches his students to understand how horses communicate.

Greg is renowned for training superb performance horses from halter training, groundwork, and showing all the way to correct management practically and physically with the latest in horse husbandry.

Greg aims to help nervous owners and riders – and nervous horses – find harmony and safety and reach their goals. His calm strength and humour enables students to relax and flourish, and horses to respond willingly.

Greg’s clinic sessions can include:

  • Piaffe passage training
  • Helping nervous riders gain skills and tools for control and relaxation
  • Long reining youngsters
  • After-weaning training -laying ground work for good manners in future
  • Assessment of remedial horses and recommended retraining possibilities
  • halter training for the show ring

You can view the Equine Evolution harmony-based training system to support and develop riders at ALL levels in STORE .