Equine education

Greg and Rochelle have a crystallised system that produces top horses after top horses, year after year. They train everything well from Superstar Young Horses, solid happy well-scoring Grand Prix horses that last, to reliable mounts for children and beginners. 

For many years they have also healed and retrained remedial horses. The secret of their training success is this …between them there are no stones unturned. Greg’s ability to pinpoint and treat any physical or mental problems are quite simply legendary.

When you couple this with Rochelle’s skill to accept and embrace a horse’s natural character and harness their desire to want to work with you , you have the basis for a very solid training model.

They say every Grand Prix horse you train makes the next one a little easier. Wouldn’t it be nice to find training Grand Prix easier and understandable?! That is their goal – to make communicating with your horse easier.

They love humans beings and they live for horses , their life purpose is to share their skill and make a the world a better place for people who love horses .

To this end King Andrews Rider Training take horses for training subject to availability.

Human beings want to belong, they want to feel understood. They need to feel OK. It is important for our health and happiness to be part of a like minded community . That is how we have evolved as a species and yet as horses riders we often feel alone . Our brain works no differently for we humans who love horses . Our end goal is to make people belong and find harmony with their horses.