Equine Evolution Martingales

The Greg Andrews Martingale is a specialised style of running martingale. It is used for young horses, tricky sensitive horses and young, inexperienced or nervous riders that are in need of extra control or stabilizing their contact .

We also find it useful for horses who invert their under neck and build incorrect muscle,  they then use their backs incorrectly, and develop tendencies to avoid a correct contact. It allows the rider to apply soft aids, and sit still. By applying the leg into a steady hand the rider and the horse learn to give through the poll and the back without any undue pressure from the rider and the often resulting confusion from the horse. This is achieved without the old kick and simultaneous pull on the mouth that horses have suffered from for hundreds of years .

The Greg Andrews Martingale controls the horse’s head height by preventing the horse from throwing its head so high that the rider loses control . This is particularly useful for ‘goey’ horses that can become excited and throw their heads and bolt.

It also helps by giving the rider extra control by discouraging the horse from raising its head beyond the point that the bit works correctly in the horse’s mouth. It works by stabilising the reins and applying downward pressure via the low rings on the shoulder /neck when the horse raises its head too high. We have found it immensely helpful with any young riders, nervous riders who occasionally don’t keep a steady contact and similarly helpful with young and difficult horses who drop or bolt through the contact .

The Greg Andrews Martingale only comes into effect when the horse raises his head because he is excited, spooked, or avoiding the bit. The rider is able at all times to choose to release the reins so the horse can have more or complete freedom.

The Greg Andrews Martingale has an adjustable neck and girth strap to allow for the ideal fit.. It can be used with the included girth loop or clipped on to girths fitted with existing ring .Solid brass rings, buckles and snaps for added durability. Handcrafted with the best quality leather and fittings.

As with everything we do our life Is about helping people and horses. If you are unable to afford a martingale but would like to try one, we have several that will be loaned to those who need it, or you can reserve one on a payment plan.

Always remember, there is no guarantee with this training aid. It is only as good as the hands that hold it, it is a training tool only, a horse with serious dangerous issues needs professional help.