Greg Andrews Longeing System

Why do we use the Greg Andrews Longeing System? 

“I believe that an understanding of biomechanics and the way the muscles work is crucial to achieving this athleticism in a horse .The key to performance in the sport horse is the back.” – world-leading equestrian coach Christopher Bartle

The overall aim of training is to strengthen this bridge between the forehand and the hindquarters and so enable the power from the hindquarters to flow uninterrupted, over a supple longissimus dorsi (long back muscle) to an independently carried forehand.

So what is Biomechanics ? It is the study of the mechanics of a living body and the forces exerted by muscles and gravity on the skeletal structure.

In our opinion the use of the longeing ropes allows the horse the use of his natural biomechanics by moving constantly with the rhythm of the horse, massaging his mouth as his legs move!

He lifts his core muscle and engages the rib thereby using his back correctly. When an unfit , injured or young horse first has to carry the rider , the rider’s weight is placed over the middle of the spinal column, this due to a lack of correct muscle causes the horses back to dip, he can then begin all sorts of crookedness and behaviours to avoid or alleviate pain.

Evolution did not change the horse’s spine and biomechanics to carry a rider. He is strong in his hind quarters and shoulders but not strong in his back,  he not only has to carry his heavy tummy but also a rider (that he wasn’t designed to carry) – remember he has no core muscles yet to help hold up his tummy or you.

Greg developed a system to develop and engage strong core muscles by longitudinal stretching and happily it simultaneously teaches good kind manners, by working optimally with the horse’s natural alignment we can help them to grow as athletes and encourage a happy relationship with their humans .

We use the Greg Andrews Rope longeing System to encourage the horses to build their core and back muscles . This enables them to cope with the demands of their sport. We do this with a very specific system of longeing and long reining. Remember simple training is often the best.

Be on their side, they’ll do anything for you if they understand and have the muscles to do it.