Rider confidence coaching

Confidence as a trainer and rider is so crucial to success ⁃ bravery cannot exist without fear.

Fear is very natural , however one of the most dangerous things you can do on a horse is to have flappy nerves! The horse’s heart rate goes up in direct comparison to yours and this can give him a feeling similar to his flight response . When we compete and our adrenaline spikes it sometimes takes baby horses a show or two to understand and not worry about this .

What are some ways we gradually remove fear?

Humans will naturally cling to anothers strength when they are afraid, but once you are on a horse alone (ie off the lead) ,the horse has only the rider to take their cues from. If the cues are from a place of fear the horse may mistake them or begin to take flight ⁃ There is also a more prevalent fear ⁃ The Fear of performance, or if you dont compete ,getting it wrong and mucking up your horse. This is crucial to be addressed also as it critically affects your timing. When you don’t approach training horses with positivity and a crystal clear set of tools you are bound to get frustrated and hesitate when you should praise or worse punish without a discernible reason to your horse. ⁃ There are many steps you can take to gradually eradicate that fear too